Variety of Manned Guarding to fulfil all of your needs and requirements. We will suit to your requirements but here bellow is a list of class Essex Security Services we offer

Security Company Essex methods approach to customer’s service and protection that designed to secure complete flexibility Manned Guarding for Construction Site Security Guards and Security Services London that we provide with Cost Effective and come`s with 100% customer satisfaction for all Site Security Services aim to work and provide efficient services come from our Experienced and Qualified achieved by our proficient Manned Guarding and Construction Site Security Guards in addition to highest levels of work.

Security Company Essex makes every effort to maintain the best quality and highest levels in Manned Guarding and Construction Site Security Guards along with our experienced and qualified Construction Security Guard and Essex Security Services, we confirm protection and comfort our customers with peace of mind. From our Security Company Essex, we are aims, to provide the highest levels and efficient Security Services London and Essex Security Services, adapted specifically to customer’s requirements.

Our Security Companies in Essex spend time and make the effort to understand our customer’s enquiries’ and needs, we change and modify our protection services to make sure that we go beyond our customer’s expectations from other security companies.

We are a highly-experienced Security Companies in Essex, with a forward-thinking management team. Our Security Services London and Essex Security Services offer a high level of Construction Security Guard professionalism combined with local and non- local knowledge, commitment and an individually tailored service, we seek to be one of the best security services companies in the UK.

Highly Experienced Security Companies in Essex and Essex Security Services that whom seeking to provide superior Construction Security Guard and Security Guard Services with 100% customer satisfaction. Our Construction Security Guard staff and Security Guards are passionately believes in the protection of your property, equipment, and customers as well your employees and we are one of best Security Companies Cambridge in the UK. This principle is extremely important to all our Construction Security Guard, security guard and all of us. We are completely focused on dealing with your Security Services. We aim to offer a security service that is over and above customers’ expectations

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Our Responsibilities

    • We will provide you with FREE high profile Security Dog Warning Signs around the perimeter of your premises.
    • We will provide you with a dog unit marked in the style of a police car and specially adapted to ensure the welfare of our dogs, including air conditioning.
    • We will provide you with a dog handler trained to the high standards that are set by Security Industry Authority (SIA) with further training set by National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU) and the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT).
    • We will provide you with guard dog, whilst offering a deterrent to the criminal is appropriately trained and controlled by our experienced dog handlers.
    • Patrol with a trained guard dog, every hour around your construction site or your property.
    • Perform security checks to ensuring site or property are maintained; door and gates are kept secure.
    • Carry out a visual inspection to ensure equipment is save.
    • Advising and counselling visitors and making sure they have access to professional help if needed.
    • Call police or fire departments in cases of emergency, such as fire or presence of unauthorized persons.
    • We will provide you with daily visitors and accident reports.